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With just a 8" x 8" box on your back.



TRAVEL PAINTER is a simple solution for quick plein airs and for the plein air traveling.ūüé®

Thanks to a special strap design the artist is free from taking a bulky bag with a tripod and art supplies. Just put all you need inside the box and carry it with comfort on your back.

It allows hold inside two wet paintings 8" x 8" at a time.

go and paint in comfort

Paint in comfort.
The strap stably holds the pochade during your painting. Hands are free as if it would be a french easel with a tripod.

Walk in comfort.
Travel Painter is light (2lbs) and easy to wear. You can even take it on a short walk without special plein air plans. Just in case.


Unlike tripod French easels,
Travel Painter is a no-brainer to setup quickly.
Got the etude? Just close the box with your wet painting and keep a walk...



art supply bag

01. Light & spacious box

Travel Painter is simple, light and spacious box. You can take all needed art supply inside: two cartons, paints, brushes, thinner, rag, oil can and more.

painter box

02. Waterproof cover

All hinges and clasps are made out of high-quality stainless steel and the wooden box is treated with a waterproof varnish to handle all weather conditions.

diy pochade box

03. Rubber feet

Thanks to these rubber feet, you can easily and safely store Travel Painter vertically at home. So it doesn't take up much space. 
A little but very useful detail.

wooden paint box

04. Customizable

4.1 The angle of working surface is adjustable with two clamps.
4.2 The internal space can be customized by two dividers.
4.3 Cutted cartons can be positioned either vertically or horizontally.

pochade boxes

05. Left / Right-handed

Travel Painter is the universal solution for left- or right-handed people. 
The strap can be easily adjusted for left-handed person. And the palette moves in both directions.

travel painter art box strap

06. Soft cotton strap

The soft cotton strap ensures that Travel Painter is always comfortable to wear and doesn't rub your skin if you wear it for a long time.


The pochade is compact and spacious enough to take all needed art supplies inside a box. 
Travel Painter is enough.

artist's paintbox


If you mostly work with such mediums as watercolor, gouache, acrylic, pastels you may prefer the "Light" option with the shallower top lid.

It holds one canvas at a time, unlike the "Standard" one that can hold two canvases at a time. You still can make one oil painting though.

The rest design and dimensions are the same as in the "Standard" version.
Weight: 1,88 lb (855 g).


This is exactly what I've been looking for. I love plein air painting, but I don't do it as often as I would like because I've found it impossible to have my dogs out with me when using a pochade that sits on a tripod - my crazy dogs would knock it down! Well, no tripod = no problem! Now my crazy dogs can run amok and they can't knock down my painting thanks to the Travel Painter! 
Even without a dog problem, this is a great product. It minimizes equipment, and it holds more supplies than my other pochade. Truly perfect for easy painting on the go. And the quality is top notch! Thank you!

Rachael Broadwell

This painting box is wonderful! Well built and well thought out! If you're looking for a box to get out and paint with I highly recommend this one. And the communication, shipping and delivery from Konstantin we're all first rate, excellent person to deal with!

William Mancuso

I highly recommend this box for anyone who needs to travel super-light. It's the kind of thing you might throw over your shoulder and take on a daily hike or bike ride just in case you run across something that needs painting. It's also great for study-to-studio work and gathering reference sketches. And it's definitely what you'd take on a trip where weight and space are at a premium.

Michael C.J.

This is a great little box! Well made and crafted. It is very light but it still feels sturdy. I have been painting with it for a week now and I like it a lot. 
What I love about the box is that it so quick to set up and start painting. There is plenty of storage space. 
This is a great alternative to tripod mounted pochades and I highly recommend it if you plan to use it primarily for outdoors doing quick small studies.

Dalibor D.

Just returned to Sedona from being on the US east coast for a week and found my Travel Painter Art Box had arrived in perfect condition due to the excellent packaging - Thank you! It is extremely well made with first class materials as well as great care and craftsmanship. Am looking forward to its maiden voyage shortly.

M.L. Coleman

I am very impressed by the quality and portability of this pochade box. Absolutely love it and will gladly recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Zach Kolbe

These are Excellent quality! I am so thrilled to be using them on my painting tours! I will be buying more! Better than described!!!! Thank you for such an amazing creation!

Wandering Palette

The en-plein-air painting box is really a gem!
It's built with care and quality materials. I tried it immediately and it's solid, very comfortable and ergonomic.
Konstantin, the seller, is a professional and correct person.
Buy it!

Piergiorgio Borrelli


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Box is great, some troubles with customs form though

The box is very beautiful and well done! I‚Äėm looking forward to take it painting soon. It also got send out very quickly the next day, after I bought it!

But unfortunately the invoice wasn‚Äėt on the outside of the package so it took forever to go through customs in Germany. It‚Äės really helpful to have all the proper documents on the outside and put the actual value on the customs forms (not just 1 ruble), it avoids a lot of headaches for the customer as packages from Russia are already under a lot of scrutiny because of all the smuggeling going on.

Glad you like the box, Maike! And sorry for the customs troubles! Actually we do so to help our EU buyers avoid the customs mess and usually, it works well. But I understood you and will take it into consideration. Thank you!

Arrived surprisingly quickly. Within 2,5 weeks.

Very light and compacted sketch box for plain air.
Good quality. You can even choose the size which is very nice. Natural materials.
My friend saw this sketch box in TV and uses for a many years. Hope, I will enjoy my "wooden friend" too and create many masterpieces ūüėĄ

<p>And I wish your every plein air to end with a masterpiece! Thank you, Lena, for your kind feedback and to your friend for giving you a good idea!</p>

Love this box

It took a while to arrive but it was worth the wait. Well constructed, not too heavy and suitable for use with pastels. I took it out at the first available opportunity when I visited the botanic gardens and was very pleased with the way the pochade box handled. It is easy to carry, spot your subject, open it en start drawing/painting. I made two boards that fit the lid to which I can adhere the pastel paper.

<p>Well done, Onno! Travel Painter is exactly for taking it out at the first available opportunity! :D Thank you, and let it keep making you happy!</p>

Not Gonna Lie...

Honestly I thought I was gonna get scammed when I first ordered because of a shipping error, but actually I’ve had a great experience aside from that. My order was fulfilled and delivered in 2 days. Truly fantastic! The pochade is incredible too. My only suggestion would be to include a small board that I can tape watercolor paper to so that I don’t have to try to find something that’ll fit. The box is very well constructed and I really enjoy how it sits while in use and I love the way you can adjust the lid to sit in the best possible orientation. A great product thank you.

That's a good idea, Alex. We are just thinking on adding the art supply line. Thank you for your feedback and have a joyful experience with your Travel Painter!

Love it

Great box, a little too thick. But I’ve enjoyed it so far

<p></p><p>Thank you for your feedback! Our previous version was thinner but by numerous request we added 0,2 inches for the most popular art supplies on the market could fit it. Hope you'll also appreciate it in future ;) </p>