How to Submit a Lay-Buy Order –

How to Submit a Lay-Buy Order

PUT IT ON LAY-BUY is safe and secure payment option, powered by PayPal. You select down-payment % to pay today, and how many months you want to pay-off the balance. NO INTEREST, NO LATE FEES! - only a once-off small admin fee. You may choose between 2 - 4 months. If will be needed, you can also settle a LAY-BUY earlier. Lay-buy instalment payments are auto-paid from your linked card in your PayPal setup. More info here.

The order will be sent after the final payment.☝

Here are the step by steps on how to get a lay-buy order placed

It's easy. 

Step 1 - Add the item into your cart.

Step 2 - Click on the "Check Out" button.

Step 3 - You will be taken to the check out process. The step is called "Information". Please, and hit "Continue to Checkout".

Step 4 - You will now arrive at the "Shipping" stage. Select your shipping method and hit "Continue to Payment".

Step 5 - You will now be at "Payment". Here is where you need to make sure to select "PUT IT ON LAY-BUY". 

Step 6 - Once you have selected this option you will be redirected to PUT IT ON LAY-BUY page. Here you need to choose your payment plan: the down-payment % you want to pay for today and how many months you want to pay-off the balance. Confirm selected options.

Step 7 - Then you will be redirected to the PayPal page where you make your first payment with your PayPal account balance or your credit card.

Step 7 - Order completed. Thank you! You will get the email notification.

Since your order is completed, the order status will be pending until the final payment. As soon as the final payment is paid, we ship out your parcel. 

How to Revise a Lay-Buy

You can revise a LAY-BUY order at any time while the LAY-BUY is in ‘pending’ status. This feature enables to settle outstanding balance today via a ‘buy-now’ option or extend the term of the LAY-BUY via a ‘lay-buy’ option.

Step 1 - Contact us if you want to revise your LAY-BUY order.

Step 2 - When payment plan is revised by us, you will get an email with the payment link embedded in email.

Step 3 -  Click on the payment link, you will be taken to PayPal page where you need to make the payment.