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Before that, please, take a look at our list of questions we're frequently asked.
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Q: Is Travel Painter made in China?
No, Travel Painter Pochade Boxes are manually made in Russia.

Q: Where do you send from?
A: We make our pochade boxes in Russia and ship them out from here. 

Q: How long for processing the order?
A: After placing your order, please allow 1-3 days for your order to be processed and shipped out. Usually we ship out on the next day.

Q: How long does the delivery take?
A: Keep in mind, delivery terms may differ. On holidays, the delays may happen and the parcel may go much longer than usual.

We don't use express services due to its too expensive cost (that's almost a doble cost of our pochade box itself). Instead, we offer a standard but the most economic service (you may see the shipping cost to your country on the check out page).

Normally, the delivery time:

COVID19: Please note that currently on the Russian board may be delays up to two-four weeks! 

United States: 14-25 days
Canada: 12-18 days
United Kingdom: 10-16 days,
Ireland: 7-12 days,
Netherlands: 7-10 days,
Germany: 7-14 days,
Rest of Europe: 7-14 days.

Q: What is your guarantee and return policy?
A: After receiveing the packet you have 30 days to return the item (it should be in the unused state) according to return policy.

We offer 6 months of guarantee for our products. Anyway, we are always open to help you in any case. Just contact us.

Also keep in mind, all payments are secure and encrypted by PayPal, more here.

Q: How to apply a Discount Code?
Please, read the next question "How to make the order". 
After adding your option to cart (point 3) choose "Check out" (even if you wish to pay with your PayPal account), then on the checkout page (point 4) you will see the place for your Discount Code.

Q: How to make the order?
A: To make your order you need to do some simple steps:

1. Click on "Buy now".
2. On the opened page сhoose your option (Strap Mount Side) and click "Add to cart".
3. Then click on "Check out" to pay with your credit card (you don't need to register a PayPal account for this) or click on "PayPal" if you have a PayPal account and prefer to use it (the PayPal window will be popped up where you will complete your transaction). 
4. If you choosed "Check out", then just fill out your shipping address, add your Discount Code if you have one and click on "Continue to shipping", then click on "Continue to payment". You will be redirected to a PayPal page where you will need to complete the payment.
5. Complete your transaction. When the order successfully paid you will get an email confirmation.

Q: What are exact dimensions of the pochade box?
A: Dimensions of the box:

Outside dimensions without mounted elements:
9,17" x 8,85" x 3,38" (233 x 225 x 86 mm)

Inside dimesions:
8,07" x 8,18" (205 x 208 mm)

The bottom height to a palette:
1,25" (32 mm)

The top lid depth:
0,98" (25 mm)

2 lbs (900g)

Q: Can I attach a tripod to the box though? How?
A: Sure, there's no problem to attach a tripod mount if you wish. A nice solution from one of our buyers is shown on the fotos below. 

He glued a 3mm plywood plate inside, drilled a hall in it and installed a T-nut.

travel painter pochade box tripod mount

It provides structural integrity to the backside of the box and keeps the underside flat.

travel painter mount plate hole

Q: Where can I get a discount code?
A: Please, subscribe our Instagram. From time to time, we use to make there some actions. You can also join our mailing list (at the bottom) for getting the offers. 

Q: Do you offer a wholesale price?
A: Of course, if you need 6 pcs and more just contact us and we will offer you a special price.

Q: I have a blog/group/channel. Are you interested in a collaboration?
A: We are open to any kind of collaborations. We can also offer you to sell our product for affiliate commission. Email: travelpaintershop@gmail.com

Q: How to submit a Lay-Buy order?
Please, follow the step by steps here