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Q: Is Travel Painter made in China?
No, Travel Painter Pochade Boxes are manually made in Russia.

Q: Where do you send from?
A: We make our pochade boxes in Russia and ship them out from here. 

Q: What is your guarantee and return policy?
A: After receiveing the packet you have 30 days to return the item (it should be in the unused state) according to return policy.

Q: What are exact dimensions of the pochade box?
A: Dimensions of the box:

Outside dimensions: 9,05" x 8,7" x 3,2" (230 x 223 x 82 mm)

Inside dimesions: 8,07" x 8,18" (205 x 208 mm)

Height of the storage space under the palette: 1,25" (32 mm)

The top lid depth: 0,98" (25 mm)

Weight: 2.09 lbs (950g)

Q: Can I attach a tripod to the box though? How?
A: Sure, there's no problem to attach a tripod mount if you wish. We recommend a nice solution suggested by one of our customers. 

He glued a 3mm plywood plate inside, drilled a hall in it and installed a T-nut.

travel painter pochade box tripod mount

It provides structural integrity to the backside of the box and keeps the underside flat.

travel painter mount plate hole

Q: Where can I get a discount code?
A: Please, subscribe our Instagram. From time to time, we use to make there some actions. You can also join our mailing list (at the bottom) for getting the offers. 

Q: Do you offer a wholesale price?
A: Of course, if you need 6 pcs and more just contact us and we will offer you a special price.

Q: I have a blog/group/channel. Are you interested in a collaboration?
A: We are open to any kind of collaborations. We can also offer you to sell our product for affiliate commission. Email to: travelpaintershop@gmail.com